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Image by Hannah Wei


Bridging Science With Learning

We are a small practice serving early childhood through adulthood.  Our backgrounds encompass former careers as behavioral health practitioners, academics, researcher, school psychologists, special education teachers, and school administration.  We have come together with a shared vision to serve effectively, compassionately, & equitably.

If you are an individual that seeks credentials and honors in a professional, look no further. We cumulatively represent well over 30 cumulative years in scholarship, peer reviewed publications, faculty appointments, overseas contracts, academic honors, and referrals from the top medical facilities in the region. In fact, nearly 50% of individuals contact our office for a second opinion after having learned about how informative our neuropsychological testing and feedback process can be. However, we do this because each of us has had firsthand experience sitting right where you are today. That is our driving motivation. 

If you are exhausted, worried, and not sure where to turn, you are in the right place. Our practice comes together as professionals who have experienced their own personal journeys with neurodivergence, parenting children with health and learning differences, and the seemingly elusive chase of answers and resources. We have come together so that you can finally find the answers and help you seek. 

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